How the Economist Saved 20% on their Print Costs

Like many businesses today, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) work with both electronic and printed materials.

The sister of The Economist newspaper, the EIU are based in 24 offices globally, and have 70 years’ experience in helping businesses and governments understand the changes in the world, and how to seize opportunities ahead. Their reports inform decisions such as entering new markets, choosing countries to open up in and large investment decisions. Depending on their customer’s needs, this meant a varied and dispersed global printing requirement.


Like so many other businesses, the EIU are managing a transition from print to electronic information with their customers. Their customers across the globe still required hardcopy printed reports, but managing this process in-house was taking up the valuable time of the team, whose time could be spent better elsewhere.

If your business is cutting across both printed and digital media, how can you ensure consistency of delivery and save on costs? The solution is often to turn to an outsourced provider, who can guarantee cheaper print runs and have the capacity to support at short notice.

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Because of the nature of its reports, the EIU needed a global provider that could guarantee secure end-to-end processes. Gareth Owen, Production Manager at the EIU commented,

‘Ricoh were chosen because of the quality of its service, and the security it could offer in having a fast backup capability.’

The EIU opted for a managed service, to handle on-demand printing for all business-critical reports. This meant high-quality, short-run printing, that was printed, packaged and delivered on-demand. The partnership enable the EIU to bring all its printing to one supplier, saving time, administration and cost reduction by 20%.

Ricoh has over 80 years’ experience in providing businesses with reliable, flexible services to suit their needs. We can help you manage the changing print demands, and maintain quality and security throughout. To find out more about how your business could make considerable time and cost savings, contact us today.

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