Five ways eIDAS can help your business


Whether you’re familiar with eIDAS or not, it can help you digitise your business. The benefits help small organisations become more nimble, as traditional paperwork is removed and manual processes are digitised.

So what is eIDAS? Simply, it creates identification and trust services (such as electronic seals, signatures and web authentication) for online transactions. Data is stored in the cloud, so transactions are quicker, and documents don’t go missing. The result is reduced costs, greater agility and security than before. Important paperwork, such as the documents needed for moving to another country, can now be completed online. eIDAS protects both the modern business and consumer.

The European Commission says that eIDAS could be the difference between “expansion and stagnation” for small and medium businesses.

What does this mean for your business? For organisations wanting to embrace eIDAS, backscanning of old documents is a good place to start. Prioritise documents which bring greater value from being digitized. Digitising high volume processes will also bring you gains. Think about where technology can do the heavy lifting for you (such as digital invoicing, for example).

Here are five points to help your business comply and thrive with eIDAS:

  1. Security has to be at the heart of any digitisation strategy. So make this a key consideration. Cybersecurity should be embedded into everything you do.
  2. Think both fast and slow about eIDAS. Your business should innovate and digitise the quick wins first, helping you move gradually to the new world while slowly bringing older processes online.
  3. Automation is also critical to making this a success. Having captured the information, think about how you automate processes to extract value.
  4. Don’t forget about GDPR. The privacy and data security issues within the directive link to eIDAS, so treat everything with the customer in mind.
  5. It may feel like a slightly obvious one, but work with a partner with experience in this niche area.

Ricoh can help guide you through these new processes, contact our specialist team for support and expertise to ensure your business complies.

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