Why SMEs should opt for Hybrid Mail to optimise their mailing processes

Hybrid Mail offers a simple and cost-effective way for small and medium-sized organisations to optimise their mailing process. The solution provides a complete package to efficiently print, sort, prepare, envelope and despatch external communications. Rather than manually processing large batches of mail, organisations can use a secure, user-friendly online portal to submit the content they wish to send. Expert production facilities from leading providers ensure that letters are printed, prepared and despatched quickly, accurately and in a timely manner.

Hybrid mail can help to improve productivity by freeing employees to focus on core activities. As well as reducing internal workloads, Hybrid Mail helps small and medium-sized organisations to benefit from the speed and economies of scale of a dedicated post room without the associated investment and operating costs. Delivered as a service, you can scale your volume up or down as needed to cope with volume fluctuations such as month end invoices.

Hybrid Mail allows SMEs to:

  • Save time and money when sending mail-based communications
  • Avoid the need to invest in and maintain dedicated post room resources
  • Increase productivity by keeping staff focused on core operations
  • Use an easy-to-use online portal to submit new mail content for despatch
  • Improve competitiveness and further the reach of your communications by unlocking cost-efficiencies previously only available to larger organisations
  • Execute mail campaigns faster, resulting in more timely, effective communications to customers and partners
  • Ensure consistent corporate branding across all mailings
  • Take full advantage of the potential direct mail offers to reach their target audiences

To find out more about digital mailroom solutions, visit the Ricoh website.

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