How ambitious are your employees when it comes to technology?

More than you might think, according to new research released by Ricoh, which shows that 78 per cent of workers expect their workplace to be transformed by previously-unimagined technology developments.

Employees across a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, education and the public sector, expect to see next-generation technology innovations readily-available to them within the next 10 years:

  • 69 per cent foresee the introduction of touch-based interactive devices
  • Three in five workers anticipate using voice recognition to perform all their tasks
  • Augmented reality glasses will serve employees with the information they need, according to 56 per cent of those surveyed

The Ricoh sponsored study reveals that employees are keen to use technology to make their working lives more convenient, and their communications with colleagues more natural and streamlined. Over half of future-gazing workers anticipate that within 30 years they will be using drones, telepathy via Bluetooth and carrier nodes (small in-ear devices allowing data to be transmitted directly to the brain).

Perhaps more realistically, in the near-term employees are most interested in adding internal collaboration platforms, web-based meetings and follow-me printing to the tools at their disposal.

Touch screenThe findings suggest that at the heart of workers’ technology ambitions is a desire for more efficient ways of working. Employees hope that these innovations will enable them to optimise core business processes, provide better access to the information they need, and enable them to get their job done faster.

This comes in response to shortcomings they have identified in their organisation’s current approach to technology. Less than a third of those questioned believe that their employer has a strong appetite for harnessing innovations to enhance their processes, highlighting a key risk to employee retention and even the continued viability of business operations in the future.

Is your organisation in a position to harness the latest technology and process innovations to improve employee productivity? Or do you face the risk of losing out to more future-prepared competitors?

Click here to find out more about the technology innovations employees expect to see in the future, and what you can do to ensure your organisation is prepared.

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