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Much has been written about the themes and trends that are changing our workplaces and their implications for how we work. Indeed, a great deal of material continues to be produced almost every day.

Yet our fascination with the topic remains undiminished. And our appetite to continue learning more about how the evolution of the workplace will affect us also remains unsated.

And rightly so. The nature of the work we carry out, and by consequence the places in which we work, and the way in which our employers enable and facilitate how we work, all play an extraordinarily important role in many aspects of our lives. In reality, for many people work is likely to account for a substantial portion of their time and intellectual effort.

Understanding the short- and long-term implications of the issues that are individually and collectively shaping the evolution of the workplace is a crucial challenge for us as workers. We need to find the right balance between our work lives and our personal lives to enable us to manage both meaningfully. We need to continue to find ever more effective tools and ways of working that support our more mobile, digitally enabled lifestyles.

Moreover, we need to make the right Communicationschoices to ensure that we can collaborate with colleagues, share our insights and knowledge in ways that are intuitive, efficient and enrich the quality of our contribution to the organisation’s output and provide a stimulating, enjoyable and satisfying environment for us.

For the senior management of most organisations, the implications of the trends that are changing and reshaping the workplace are equally important and for equally compelling reasons.

An engaged, productive workforce that can work effectively and efficiently from any location, and use any device to share knowledge, collaborate and contribute to the success of the organisation, used to be the stuff of presentations at conferences. But it’s a reality today – at least for some organisations – and, over time, it is likely to become a commonplace part of daily life for many more.

Facilitating and nurturing an increasingly mobile workforce and establishing an organisational infrastructure with supporting processes, technologies and a culture that promotes information security and sustainable working practices to boost productivity, innovation and customer responsiveness, should be operational imperatives that are embedded in the heart of every organisation. They should not be aspirations and visions of a distant future. And they certainly should not be relegated to the status of a difficult-to-attain or a nice-to-have goal that is destined to be put off over and over again.

In truth, most organisations recognise that the changing workplace presents them with a series of challenges that they need to tackle to maintain their future competitiveness and growth.

Ricoh has set out its vision of this fast-evolving workplace and outlined its views on some of the issues underpinning these challenges in its Your World of Work Reimagined initiative. But to describe these issues as challenges is perhaps wrong. In truth, they present more of an opportunity than a challenge for those organisations willing to embrace the changing workplace.

Explore the World of Work Reimagined for yourself to learn more.

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