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Empowering your iWorkers through a virtual environment of #UnifiedCommunications

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Continuous technological developments can bring increasingly closer, employees within the same company but who live thousands of miles away. Thus, the formation of teams whose members live in cities or even countries is no longer a problem for multinationals. And here we can find the concept of [tweet_quote hashtags=”#iWorker” ]workplace collaboration through virtual communications[/tweet_quote].

The virtual environment now provides a variety of cloud-based solutions that enable employees from different corners of the world to do their job and interact quickly and efficiently solving various problems that can occur during a typical working day.

ricoh UCSAt Ricoh, we empower our workforce to be mobile whilst also considering our environmental impact. We provide employees with a range of solutions that help them perform their job duties in a different location than where it should be present. These solutions might include an instant messaging service that allows fast and efficient contact and helps to solve unexpected problems and emergencies, whilst virtual conference rooms equipped with audio-video equipment to the quality, they give participants the feeling that sit in the same room.

Such services offer unified communications across geographies. Working as part of a digital team that has similar colleagues in multiple European countries means that we regular need to engage one another to share insight and best practice. But physically meeting my colleagues is simply not practical, nor cost effective. We therefore collaborate daily with Polish colleagues from their office in Prague or our shared services digital team based in Johannesburg.

Ricoh interactive whiteboard collaborationEven though this type of collaboration is not for everyone, given the technological progress and trends in ‘work at home’ gaining more and more ground, it is possible that in the not too distant future the majority of large companies, will not only use such methods to help employees to perform their duties, but may default it as every day business practise. The workplace is changing and technology is rapidly enabling that change. We once thought of these tools as only something that the ‘millennial’ generation would use, but even they are now seasoned workers (turning avg 30 years old in 2015)

There are so many hidden costs to our physical meetings, especially offsite. From the cost of travel, accommodation, food and in some instances; time in leu. Visual communications can remedy this. They can increase employee productivity and allow them to work extra hours from the comfort of their home, all while benefiting from the same services they would assume as if working from their company office. As many people work freelance nowadays, so can actual employees collaborate online in the interest of the company, making it work better in the long run while cutting on costs.

As such, Ricoh began investigating the mega trend; #FutureWorkplace vision discussing new ways of working and the opportunities this now has to any organisation. Yes, if you are looking to reduce company costs, then one of the best strategies to be adopted is exactly this: visual communications implementation. This new standard will help all employees become closer to one another while learning to better highlight their potential through mobilisation. And, as the word goes, “where there are two there’s more power too!”. Never underestimate the benefits brought by virtual communications, especially since it’s a technology that is ever expanding nowadays.

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Ricoh Transform is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh Ireland on our new blog, Ricoh Insights.

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Ricoh Transform is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh UK on our new blog,
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