Empowering the modern, mobile worker doesn’t mean sacrificing security

Nowadays, employees expect to have the ability to work effectively where and when they want. Despite this, according to a recent survey conducted by Ricoh Ireland in association with TechPro magazine, just 37% of workers actually have the authorisation and remote access tools to enjoy a mobile workstyle.

This could be due to the fact that 85% of companies are finding it difficult to manage and secure business documents, and more than two thirds don’t have visibility of business documents created and held across their organisations.

However, these challenges, brought about by the rise of mobile working and the utilisation of multiple devices to create work-related documents, shouldn’t prevent businesses from enabling their employees via individual workstyles.

Unlocking human potential

By implementing innovative and reliable communication and cloud infrastructures, organisations can allow their workers to gain access to digitised information and collaborate effectively across various locations, making them more agile.

In turn, this benefits the business in terms of the growth and delivery of products and services, and maximises productivity levels at all times. Cutting-edge solutions, such as Ricoh’s Unified Communication System P3500 and Ricoh’s Meeting Room Services, enable individuals to excel and companies to thrive.

Therefore, they add a great deal of value to organisations by enabling seamless access to company systems, applications and data outside the office. This facilitation of unique and flexible workstyles is imperative for the modern workforce and thus the success of companies.

Securing mobile workstyles

Unlocking human potential is key, but so too is security, which is why the technology not only needs to be scalable and flexible but also efficient and safe. Businesses can achieve this by extending security policies to personal devices that are used for work purposes, encrypting business data and monitoring the entire life cycle of company documents.

It is essential for companies to optimise and secure document workflows without impacting on the ability of the individual to fulfil their responsibilities. Being able to collaborate, share, innovate and produce work-related documents from anywhere is becoming the norm.

Organisations must therefore address the challenge of securing these disparate systems, drives and channels if they are to truly be proactive and productive in this multifaceted area. With reputational and commercial risk at stake, having solutions like Ricoh’s Streamline NX helps to adopt digital process and protect sensitive documents.

With increasing numbers of employees working from home, it is vital that businesses balance the need to encourage mobile working and the necessity of securing information. However, should they manage to identify and implement the right solutions, they will certainly reap the rewards.

For more information on how to do this, visit the Ricoh Ireland website or get in touch with Robert Viljoen today.

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