Generation Z and the 4G workplace

Generation Z is joining the workforce – is your organisation ready?

The demographic profile of our organisations is changing. Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials who have, up to now, made up the workforce are being joined by a fourth group: Generation Z.

Generation Z refers to those who are born after 1995 and are starting to leave full-time education for the workplace.

A diverse workforce can undoubtedly be a powerful asset, bringing together a wide blend of talent, skill and experience but it can also bring with it complexity, and pose a challenge to any organisation that is looking to get the best out of its people.

According to a recent study called the 4G Workplace, conducted by Coleman Parkes Research and commissioned by Ricoh, 64 per cent of workers believe that there are fundamental differences in how employees from each generation work. In addition, nearly two thirds (63 per cent) of older employees in the UK and Ireland expect workplace tensions to increase with the arrival of a new generation of workers.

Understanding how best to cater for Generation Z and help to integrate them into the existing workforce, as well as develop effective strategies to manage a multi-generational workforce are likely to be critically important issues for many organisations.

Here are six articles by Ricoh that will help you to assess the potential impact of Generation Z on the workplace:


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