How to make the demand for work/life balance work for your business

Nowadays, being able to maintain a good work/life balance is vital for employees. Moreover, and perhaps contrary to what some might think, it can work wonders for businesses and is easy to implement. That is, as long as the organisation has the technologies and processes that enable it to empower employees in this area.

According to a recent survey, conducted by Ricoh Ireland in association with TechPro magazine, only 37% of workers have the authorisation and remote access to enjoy mobile workstyles. Therefore it is evident that Irish companies need to focus more on this area.

Furthermore, 83% cite flexibility as a key benefit of mobile workstyles, followed by increased productivity and improved collaboration, highlighting that it is valuable for profitability and talent retention.

Flexibility & productivity

Increased productivity is one of the many benefits of mobile workstyles as it enables employees to fulfil the responsibilities of their role more efficiently and effectively, from a variety of locations and without time constraints.

As well as facilitating flexible working hours, this also boosts the profitability of a business as it prevents the workforce from being disrupted when working from home or whilst on the move.

Being able to access work systems and documents at anytime from anywhere also enables employees to stay connected and realise their potential. Furthermore, it is easy to facilitate with the right tools and expertise, such as a reliable cloud infrastructures.

Communication & collaboration

With innovation playing a vital role in the success of businesses, it is imperative that employees are able to share, collaborate and produce work documents at will. This is where unified communication systems come in.

With interconnected technologies, such as video conferencing and instant messaging, there are no longer the same barriers when it comes to communication and collaboration across a variety of devices, locations and time zones.

Fast, effective and seamless information sharing is what encourages business growth. Therefore, embracing this element of digital transformation is thus beneficial not only to employees but for companies in terms of agility and future-proofing.

Investment & innovation

Investing in the tools and systems that enable flexible working doesn’t have to be expensive either. There are cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions which make it simple for organisations to support open communication and the sharing of information.

Delivering and managing a visual communications environment encourages interaction and innovation whilst also reducing operating costs, enhancing customer relationships and improving employee performance.

Ricoh Ireland understands the benefits that flexible and mobile working brings to our colleagues and also to our business. It helps us to attract the very best people to work here and also ensures that they are happier and more fulfilled.

It also meant that during the recent red warnings for Storm Ophelia and Storm Emma, everybody was able to work safely and productively from home, ensuring complete continuity for our business and customers.

To find out more about the solutions that Ricoh Ireland can provide, visit their website here or get in touch with the team.


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