Why Irish businesses should outsource the digitisation of critical information

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The way in which businesses approach critical information has evolved over recent years, with the majority of Irish organisations turning to digitisation.

According to Ricoh Ireland’s 2017 Workstyle Innovation Survey, in association with TechPro magazine and involving 175 IT decision-makers from public and private sector organisations across Ireland, 60% of companies have a policy to digitise critical information.

Moreover, the research found that the overwhelming majority are managing this element of the business in-house, with less than 10 per cent utilising external providers.

Accessibility, efficiency and security

It’s clear that increasing numbers of Irish companies recognise the benefits of and value that the digitisation of critical information brings to the workforce and internal processes. Not only does it improve accessibility, it also boosts productivity and contributes to the security of confidential materials.

That is why businesses are introducing and must continue to introduce digital workflows. While this transition from paper-based operations may seem daunting, the streamlining and safeguarding of same leads to more efficient processes and results in significant cost savings.

As well as benefiting the management and control of documents, the digitisation of critical information also has out-facing advantages in that staff can focus less on administration and more on customer service and communication, with faster response times.

Furthermore, it is a step that improves the sustainability of business practises and processes, something which continues to move up the list of priorities for companies.

Compliance is key

While making information more available, adaptable, searchable and portable is beneficial, it is vital that organisations do not neglect compliance.

This element of the business needs to be performed properly and in accordance with stringent regulations, which is why it is quite surprising that almost three quarters (74%) of companies handle the digitisation of critical information themselves and do not seek professional advice or expertise.

One of the core benefits of enlisting the help of a managed documents specialist is that documents are managed in a secure manner and the scope for human error is minimalised. Businesses need to take a certified and auditable approach to ensure that this area is managed effectively.

The next step of the process

The digitisation of critical information is only one step in this process, with the management of hard copies of documents containing confidential business information the next and of equal importance.

It is positive to see that 72% of organisations have the proper and secure procedures in place for same, as companies cannot afford to misplace or mismanage customer files or put sensitive information at risk.

Again, this is an area where the support and experience of a document managed services company is invaluable.

Document management: an end-to-end solution

Document management services is an end-to-end solution, tailored to the needs of an individual company, which needs to begin with the assessment of business processes. If required, the infrastructure of a company can be redesigned or optimised more effectively.

At Ricoh Ireland, we can facilitate this and also monitor the success of same, working with organisations to adapt and improve.

Ricoh’s business process services – including document workflow as well as managed scanning and archiving – allow businesses to streamline labour-intensive document management, utilising the latest technologies and best practices.

From converting hard copies into digital files to CCTV monitoring and network firewalls to ensure document integrity, Ricoh can help with the management and securing of critical documents and support a company’s move towards paperless workflows.

Document management is an all-encompassing area nowadays, with mailroom as a managed service just one of a variety of options. This involves the sorting of physical mail, the digitisation of inbound mail processes, electronic distribution of same and document archiving.

We can also manage any additional vendors who feed into your document management infrastructure to ensure that your approach delivers business value, which is, after all, the core aim of digitisation.

To find out more about how you can move your business towards more mobile workstyles, visit the Ricoh Ireland website or contact one of our experts. Alternatively, download the Workstyle Innovation Report.

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Ricoh Transform is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh Ireland on our new blog, Ricoh Insights.

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Ricoh Transform is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh Ireland on our new blog,
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