Is Friday your most productive day of the week?

It’s Friday, it’s coming to the end of the working week, and if you’re lucky you get to work from home. Does that mean you’re enjoying the most productive day of the week. According to recent research on productivity in the UK & Ireland, working away from the office has a negative effect on our output. The notable numbers include:

  • 75% of people feel less productive working away from the office
  • Only 26% of people feel productive when working from home
  • 22% want to work from home but don’t have the right technology

It’s amazing that given the focus on making employees more mobile that there should be such a difference with how they feel working from home or in transit. The feeling of a drop in productivity even extends to working from other office locations within their own company. Surely, as we approach 2015, it’s about time that organisations reimagine the working environment for their people so that they get the same experience where ever they happen to be.

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*The research was carried out amongst 1,007 full time, office based employees in private companies in Ireland and Britain. The research was designed by Ricoh and the field work was carried out by Censuswide.

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