Why the Beating Pulse of Print won’t Fade

Perhaps (like me) you’ve sat through countless pitches, promotions and conference calls telling you how exciting new approaches are reshaping and even changing entire industries. I’m not disputing this claim in full. Nor am I denying the fact that disruption is essential for innovation to flourish.

But, more often than not, I hear the D-word as part of a borderline sensational statement. In truth, disruption rarely leads to an industry changing beyond recognition. Instead it tends to bring about revised delivery models, new services and broader end-user accessibility, along with a group of new businesses set on shaking up the market.

Print has had its fair share of disruption over the years. In fact, we at Ricoh are proudly responsible for a lot of it. The appetite for faster, more productive devices will never cease – just like the need for robust and secure services.

Something else that won’t diminish is the demand for a wide range of printed materials. After all, print is literally all around us. From the more traditional forms such as newspapers, posters and brochures to the newer applications of fabrics, metals and plastics, print is evolving at a rapid yet recognisable rate. And that’s not to mention the exciting world of possibilities that is additive manufacturing (3D printing).

So yes, disruption is happening in our industry – and it’s welcomed. It’s also taking print beyond the page into new realms which enable customers to enter new markets and excel into the future.

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