Seven crucial reads to help you choose the right desktop printer

Choosing the right desktop printer for your home office or workplace should, in theory, be a straightforward matter.

Whether you are a self-employed professional such as an accountant or a surveyor, or someone who manages IT and printing services for a local office, you’ll know that the reality can be rather different.

Anyone looking to buy a desktop printer is likely to come across a staggeringly wide range of options and technologies.

Understanding the differences among them can be a time-consuming task – albeit a critically important one.

The right desktop printer can be a flexible, cost-effective part of your office productivity toolkit. Making an informed choice is crucial.

I have, therefore, listed below seven of my recent articles that I believe can help to provide a useful starting point for any professional looking to buy a desktop printer.

Although these pieces are not a comprehensive list of all the issues, they should offer a practical overview of some of the key technologies, terminologies and selection criteria that you should consider when looking for a desktop printer.

Seven essential reads:

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