Ineffective document processes costing Irish businesses €1.6bn per year [Infographic]

Last week we announced the astonishing news that ineffective document processes are costing Irish businesses €1.62 billion per year. This figure came about following a ComputerScope survey, in association with Ricoh, where 200 IT professionals were interviewed around the management of business documents and information flows within organisations in Ireland.

One of the most alarming findings of the survey was that the average amount of time spent searching for business documents by employees is almost one hour per week, which amounts to more than 5 days lost per employee per year. The cost of this is estimated at €1.62 billion per year.

Next month Ricoh Ireland will be addressing these issues at an exclusive event in Dublin. Why not join us for a look at how you can overcome the shackles of information overload and find that Freedom to Operate that we all crave. And who knows, you might just find a way to save a bit of that €1.6bn for your organisation too.

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