How can mailrooms cope with extra staff parcels this month?

Christmas is only weeks away, but from mid-November – with Black Friday and Manic Monday – mailrooms up and down the country have been awash with extra deliveries. The increase in online shopping in recent years has seen many mailrooms take on the collection of staff parcels, which can be put a strain on the service this time of year.

If Santa can reach optimum productivity delivering Christmas presents to the world on Christmas Eve, why can’t we effectively manage the seasonal increase in mail in our mailrooms? Different techniques can be used to try and deal with the festive volume. For example, increasing staff numbers, extending hours or minimising usual procedures to process mail quicker, but none of these are necessarily more effective or productive.

What you should be asking for this Christmas is a digital mailroom solution, which based on your organisation’s requirements, can utilise both physical and digital mail to process items in the most efficient way, depending on what is delivered. That means when the festivities begin your mailroom can handle higher volumes of mail without affecting productivity.

For more information on digital mailrooms, visit the Ricoh website.

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