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Over the last number of years I have consulted with many law firms and it always surprises me how much time the highly sought after legal minds have to spend printing case files or searching for old documents.  We recently undertook a very exciting project with leading law firm Eversheds that has completely transformed the way they manage their vast amounts of confidential documents in their Irish headquarters.

At Eversheds, we implemented a fully outsourced managed document service (MDS) that now includes three onsite Ricoh staff managing all the firm’s documents. The results have been astonishing, for all involved. According to the Eversheds finance director, more than 1,000 working days will be freed up by removing all print and copying activities from the legal team and the firm is set to reduce the amount of paper they use by 2.5 million pages.

So why are legal teams spending so much time at printers and searching through mountains of files for the documents they need for court? As most of us are aware, in this sector, having everything precise and correct is vital. A page missing from a case bible handed to a judge can result in delays or the case being thrown out of court. Therefore, without a solid strategy for managing the documents they generate, solicitors and legal secretaries are destined to spend vast amounts of their valuable work and personal time at copiers, assembling case files and trawling through paper based documents.

From what is already being experienced at Eversheds, the solution is obvious. Yet the Eversheds MDS project is thought to be the first of its kind in the Irish legal sector. What if every law firm implemented a solution similar to the one in place at Eversheds? How many client hours would be saved and used more effectively on important case work? How many solicitors and legal secretaries would no longer have to stand beside printers into the early hours preparing for court and how many could significantly benefit from a better work-life balance?

Effective managed document services improve productivity, not just in law firms but other professional service organisations such as financial services, as it frees up essential time to concentrate on more value add activities. It also has the added benefit of ensuring they can adhere to strict confidentiality and compliance regulations as document locations are known at all times and permissions and workflows can be set up to ensure only authorised personnel can have access or make changes to documents.

On top of all of this, a new requirement for electronic conveyancing is set to be introduced. E-conveyancing will allow the transfer of titles for land and property to take place in electronic format, removing reliance on paper based documents. We have future-proofed Eversheds for this important strategic change.

In all, it appears that MDS holds the key for professional service firms in terms of productivity, security, cost and importantly enabling a positive work–life balance for employees.

In Ricoh Ireland, we are always looking to add real value to our clients business and helping to remove them from tasks that are not a fundamental part of their job. MDS is an essential service that gives law firms the freedom to operate as just that, a law firm, and enables us to ensure their critical documents are available when and where they need them.

Ricoh Transform is no longer active. You can keep up to date with the latest thinking from Ricoh Ireland on our new blog, Ricoh Insights.

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