Sustainabilty as a catalyst for organisational transformation

How to make sustainability a catalyst for creating a leaner, more efficient organisation

Sustainability may be high on many organisations’ agenda, but in light of the United Nations World Environment Day on 5 June, it is a good time for senior management teams to reassess their approach to this issue to ensure they are optimising sustainability’s value.

An effective sustainability strategy can be a powerful catalyst in helping you to identify opportunities for cutting out waste, creating lean and efficient processes, and supporting your people to become more productive.

However, sustainability can be a difficult and complex goal for any organisation. For many it is synonymous with just being green. But sustainability can be much more than that. And what does being green mean in reality?

In my view, sustainability is a commitment to reducing the environment impact of everything we do as individuals and as an organisation, whether it’s directly through our own actions, or it’s indirectly through our partners, suppliers and any other entity with which we have a relationship.

Sustainability is a collaborative endeavour. It needs the support of everyone in the organisation. It needs to have a focused outcome and a commitment to measure the impact of everything the organisation does and produces.

Moreover, it means that there should be a genuine commitment to reviewing, refining and – when necessary – even overhauling processes to reduce waste and inefficiency. In other words, it means we should seek out and eliminate the obstacles that stifle collaboration and productivity within the organisation.

I believe that sustainability is a fundamental part of today’s changing world of work and as such it should be one of the priorities of every forward-thinking organisation that wants to succeed not only today but long into the future.

Read the following insights and content to discover for yourself how sustainability can help you to transform your organisation into a leaner, more efficient one:

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