Digital Asset Management

Are you using digital asset management software to get more control over your sales and marketing documents?

Managing an organisation’s digital collateral can be a challenging task for any marketing department. For some, it can prove to be a time consuming, resource intensive and ultimately costly distraction from the many other crucial responsibilities of the marketing team.

And it is not just brand control that can be an issue. Proposals, sales documentation, legal contracts and many other documentation often depend on having up-to-date content to meet a particular industry’s regulations or guidelines.

Ensuring that only approved marketing collateral that complies with all external and internal rules and regulations are selected and used by employees is not always easy. Not everyone will be aware of what to do or how to go about checking the status of the collateral they may wish to circulate to customers and other interested parties.

In addition, in the case of an organisation with multiple offices that are spread across many geographies, documents can become difficult to control and maintain centrally by the marketing team, leading to potential issues in relation to version control, maintaining adherence to brand identity guidelines, as well as compliance with any internal and external rules and regulations. .

MarcomCentral is an asset management tool that can help marketing departments manage a variety of such compliance issues by only allowing the approved version of a document to be created, controlled and made available to end users, thereby avoiding the unintentional use of out-of-date materials, or the creation of multiple different versions of the same content.

Another key feature of MarcomCentral is that it can allow marketing and sales documents to be customised to help, for example, a sales team to send personalised documentation to a customer or prospect.

A personalised sales brochure or proposal with the correct terms and conditions is a standard feature, but a sales brochure or proposal that contains the correct terms and conditions along with the relevant individual’s name inserted into an image, or the inclusion of a personalized URL (PURL) link that provides more information for the target audience, will be much more meaningful and memorable, and may give that sales team the edge over the competition.

Discover for yourself how MarcomCentral can help your marketing department to manage your organisation’s sales and marketing materials.

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