Introducing Transform – an exciting new resource for Irish business and tech information

We’re living in times of unprecedented change at an economic, political and social level. In the business world, we’re also experiencing huge transformations in the way we work and the technologies we now have at our disposal. Ricoh Ireland recently commissioned Tech Pro magazine to carry out a survey of 135 senior IT decision makers in Ireland to understand their challenges in this new world, with some interesting and revealing results.

Some 80% of respondents admitted that their organisations were under extreme or moderate pressure to implement new technologies due to work style-related disruption. This mirrors what we are seeing in the Irish marketplace.

The way people are working is changing at a rapid pace. Employees are working on multiple devices and from multiple locations. Many companies and their employees are working more flexible hours too as business has become more globalised. Employees are also increasingly seeking to work at times that give them a better work/life balance. On top of all of this, there’s a wider digital transformation taking place that’s changing the way we do business and the processes surrounding this. The challenge for most IT decision makers is choosing the technologies which are a best fit for their organisation and managing them effectively– while remaining agile, secure and competitive.

So how do you choose which technologies are the best fit for your organisation? There’s a lot of noise in the Irish marketplace and it can be difficult to find a local resource which offers good quality information and best practice advice.

In Ricoh, we have experienced and managed a lot of exciting changes in the 80 years since we were founded. We’ve also been present in Ireland for over 30 years and are privileged to work closely with many of world’s leading companies that have operations here. We get to witness, at first hand, the exciting research, new products and initiatives that are being rolled out globally from their Irish bases. The same goes for the Irish indigenous sector, many of whom are taking major leaps forward both at home and abroad. We also have a great community of partners across Ireland that have an in-depth understanding and experience of the challenges and opportunities these businesses face.

We’re all working together to solve these challenges and provide these businesses with the support and solutions they need to ensure success in these turbulent times.Access to relevant, timely and accurate information has never been so important.

With this in mind, we’re today launching this information portal and blog site to help you keep fully up-to-date with some of the latest business and technology trends that are relevant for business and IT decision makers in Ireland. We intend to keep you as informed as possible and would love the opportunity to answer any questions you have as we want to keep this resource as open and responsive as possible. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and collaborating with you in this new world of work.

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