Shore yourself up with specialist outsourcing services

Say you have been tasked with managing security across all current operations and locations – a huge undertaking given limited resources.

Outsourcing to a trusted partner can help you meet corporate security mandates while working within your current staffing levels. You may be able to achieve a better security posture because you can leverage your partner’s broad and deep experience derived from service to a diverse customer base. Choosing the right managed service provider enables consistent security management across departments (from AP to HR to Manufacturing) in locations across the globe.

Outsourcing services can be leveraged to help you identify and develop controls to mitigate risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your business critical information throughout the document lifecycle – including setting sensitive information to expire automatically and ensuring outdated information is made unavailable.

These controls help ensure that deployed security technology fully corresponds to the enterprise’s information security objectives and policy. The controls protect confidential business critical information that needs to be shared with the appropriate employees, customers, and partners, providing consistent protection for sensitive documents even after they have been saved to a user’s desktop from a repository (i.e., network share, e-mail, electronic content management system [ECM]).

Security best practices should be built into any outsourced service. Leveraging your partner’s experience, especially if it’s derived from serving a global, diverse customer base allows you to focus on core business processes rather than on managing specific security tasks related to document input, distribution, output, archival, and disposal.

Outsourcing services can help ensure valuable corporate information is available at the right time in the right format, in a secure and compliant manner. It can also help by storing or archiving documents, such as legal or compliance requirements, for future use with an audit trail to track user activities within documents and throughout the system.

Finally, identify a secure document disposal solution to address compliance and environmental challenges of destroying documents at the end of their useful life. For example, with a certificate of destruction, you can be assured that your company’s sensitive information is legally and credibly destroyed.

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